2% Milk…Who Knew?


I’ve been drinking whole milk all my life…except for a brief moment years ago when I tried 2% because I thought it would help me lose weight.  It tasted like dish water and I never tried it again.

The other day I was in my favorite supermarket to buy milk…no whole milk to be found…ordinarily I would just wait or go somewhere else, but it’s summer in Tucson…100’s every day..so I decided to be brave and go for it.

Have they changed the process?  Must have…not the 2% I remember!  The coating in my throat and on my tongue was gone!   It tasted great…actually better…lighter but still good!  No lingering aftertaste.

 Tip:  If milk is too “sweet” for you, trying sprinkling a little salt into your glass.  I use Himalayan Pink Salt and it adds a little counterbalance to the flavor.

If you read my article on “change” you’ll relate to this experience.  I dared to try something new and it turned out to be great for me!

Food for Thought!