Cat Food…Their Way

   I’ve discovered a way to feed my cats what they crave and thrive on…fresh, raw and as close to uncooked as I can get it.

I  give them ground turkey, ground chicken, canned salmon, sardines and mackerel.  I warm up all food so it’s room temperature…don’t want to chill their tummies…

They eat 3 and 4 plates of meat at one sitting…each time they look up at me saying “more!  more! more!”  I heat small portions at a time because I don’t know how hungry they will be and I don’t want to waste it.  

Note:  I cut up the meat into small pieces, making it easier to warm it in the pan quickly.  The picture above is just to show the ground meat being eaten.

I buy a 3 lb roll of turkey which allows me to slice a piece at a time…the chicken comes in 1 lb packages…all purchased at Walmart at very reasonable prices. 

  Yesterday my little one ate almost an entire large can of salmon (pink wild Alaskan) in one sitting!  I had to go to the store last night to buy more!  

    Sardines and mackerel are not as popular as meat…but if they’re in the mood and it smells ok they’ll eat it…although not as much…the sardines are packed in water and the mackerel is in olive oil…good for their hearts and coats.  I cut them up in small pieces but after seeing this picture I’m going to try giving it whole!

   A little science lesson…cats are obligate carnivores…they are strictly meat eaters…and fish.  They have small digestive tracts and cannot digest carbohydrates…all their nutrients come predigested from the kill’s prior eats…

It takes some work but you’ll have happier, healthier cats.,than%20an%20omnivore%2C%20which%20eats%20meat%20and%20plants.