My Daily Workout…Part 1

My Daily Workout…Part 1

I like to do my daily exercise routine in the morning prior to working in my office.  It motivates me mentally and gets the oxygen flowing through my body, especially to my brain…waking me up so I can think.

I’ve been using these first 2 CD’s for 5+ years.  I found them at a yard sale and they’ve been my rock ever since.  

   CD #1…Alpheus…” Quality Time” by Studio One… Reggae music recorded in Kingston, Jamaica

I start with the first song called ”Nothing Can Stop You” .  Its words help me to block out negativity from my thoughts and feelings; and approach my day with a sense of renewal and desire to create something wonderful.

Don’t worry ‘cause it’s there for you
No matter what dem say or do
Believe that it’s there for you
Nothing can stop you no

Verse 1
You’re gonna reach that goal you want
‘Cause you learned all the golden rules
No one can discourage you
Gwaan let screwface screw

Verse 2
You’ll get your house and land and a car
And put your kids through school so they go far
Don’t worry about a thing, just believe inna yourself

Verse 3
‘Cause we’re too strong for the bad minded
Look straight ahead and don’t be blinded
Ah, just persevere you’ll make it through,
You’ll make it through

Verse 4
No one is perfect, we’re only human
We all fall short along the way
Fall down, get up, brush yourself and keep on moving
Yes, just keep on moving.

Identify Helpful Hint  When I have some special project or work to do other than my website, I‘ll play “Nothing Can Stop You” for motivation and just dance to it, and let the words flow over me.

The other song I play is  “Let’s Take the Vows”because I like the words and the melody.  It gives me a good feeling to hear them.  It helps me feel the love. 

Verse 1
I feel I was made for you
My love is genuine it’s true
Let’s walk hand in hand and show the world 
We’re worth a million grand
It’s all about our love
You’re made for me only me
My baby we’re meant to be
We’re gonna go all the way.

It’s you for me and me for you
It’s you for me and me for you

There’s another verse which I’l let you discover on your own.  

This CD is available at Amazon for a very reasonable price…you can also check it out here:

   CD #2…Yankee Dreams by Frank Ferrel, “Wicked Good Fiddling from New England”

This is all instrumental music … Irish tunes … wonderful for reaching that next level.  Some are faster than others but all are great.  I move to the first 4 or 5 tunes to get me ready to really crank it up.

It’s available at Amazon and Ebay…very reasonable…no YouTube link for this one…sorry…but I do have an image.    

CD #4…Clint Black’s “All American Country” gets my adrenalin pumping.  I play the first 3 songs:

1..“When My Ship Comes In”
2..“Nothin’ But the Tailights”
3..“A Better Man”…all fast tempos

Then I scroll through for a few other fast ones like “Money or Love”  (great one!)

Cooldown CD
“Intimate Piano” by Canadian Sunset

All easy going popular instrumentals like “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” by Gordon Langford and his orchestra, and “Rhapsody in Blue” by Henry Mancini.  I love the calming effect it has on me…perfect for this section … my stretching.

   Since this is summer in Tucson and the temps are over 100 degrees everyday, my stretching has been limited to standup work…not feeling like being on the carpet. 

Identify Helpful Hint I’ve learned that it’s ok to do less in these hot summer months.  Going with the flow is part of nature.  It’s frustrating at times because I want to do my regular routines but acceptance is also a part of life.

Next time I’ll share more about my exercise routine.  ‘Til we meet again!








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