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Tennis Ball Fun!

Tennis Ball Fun!

tennisAfter a month of 100+ temps here in the Old Pueblo which zapped my strength and desire to hit a tennis ball, I finally got out this morning and had some tennis fun!  

After sleeping away most of my Saturday I awoke to some cool and cloudy weather which motivated me to take advantage of this brief respite from the desert heat.

I was reunited with my favorite “tennis wall” down the street from my home and enjoyed about 30 minutes of practice before the humidity and sun made me stop.

I keep an Excel journal of my tennis activities to monitor my workouts and progress.  This morning it was a joy to write the following:

11am   Finally cool enough to play..slept all day yesterday
and still slept last night…wow…woke up and felt some
energy…hit for about 1/2 hour…maybe less…too hot
and humid to keep going…great reflexes…both sides…
short shots, deep high ones…good slices and dices.
felt great to hit…especially on the left…really had some

When I say “both sides” I mean that I practice hitting “forehand” on the left side as well in order to train those muscles in forehand technique…I think I do it for the challenge and the fun…it’s really coming along!

I love  to dive for shots…low ones, high ones, especially the ones just a few inches from the ground…if I can get underneath it and bring it up to hit a good shot…well!  That’s the fun!  I think it’s a rhythm thing…brings out the dancer in me…

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