by Diane Saull

  When it comes to sports my passion is tennis  tennis playerwhich I learned from my athletic father at a very young age.  It’s been a love affair from the first day I set foot on those asphalt courts with the metal nets in the park and hit my first skyward lob!

For many years I’ve been on a journey to create a healthier lifestyle for myself so that I can play my best and enjoy the sport I love for a lifetime.  It’s evolved into an “organic” approach  to life which has worked extremely well for me. 

My latest creation is:

Diane’s Powerhouse Veggie Soup Delight   ©

This soup is packed with what I like to call “greennutrition.  Each ingredient was chosen for its specific superior nutritional benefits.  My study of nutrition and experience selling nutritional products for many years along with my extensive research helped me put it together.  

It takes about 15 minutes to prepare and about 15 minutes to cook.  I make a fresh pot every few days and I’m thrilled with how great I feel since I’ve been eating it!

Ok…What’s so magical about these ingredients?   You can find out for yourself…in:

My Soup’s Health Benefits and Sources of Information

Ingredients are listed in alphabetical order, along with a colorful picture of each food, describing the health benefits I found in my research.  If you don’t have a head for science don’t worry!  I’ve done my best to write in simpler terms than I found on those “science” websites.  I learned from talking to customers about nutrition that it can be an overwhelming and complicated topic for many people.  So, it is my deep desire to present what I share on my website in a format that will be comfortable for everyone to understand.  At the bottom of each section you’ll find my website sources which I chose for their level of credibility (written by doctors, nutritionists, researchers).  There’s plenty to learn in each one so go ahead and explore!


So, now that you have your “greens” covered, what’s next?  I’m glad you asked!  Plenty…We’re just getting started!

Food Labels!  Ugh!  I don’t know about you but when I go to the store and have to read those pesky food labels on packages I can get overwhelmed and frustrated with the whole process. You have to be a chemist to understand what’s written there and then, “Do I really want to eat this?”  I’ll be doing some articles to help us figure out a system for making it easier on our brains and our nerves.  So watch for them.  Look for it in the Nutrition section. 

Exercise!  As an athlete with some dance training I’ve learned a few things about exercise.  I will be sharing some techniques that work wonders for me, and you don’t have to be an “athlete” to benefit from them.  Look for these under “Physical Fitness”. 

One very important reason for my doing this website is to help others be successful on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.  That’s why I created my Contact page.  It’s a place to ask questions, voice concerns about an issue in your life, and even share a success story.  I will do my best to help you find answers, or at least help you find resources that can point you in the right direction.


  New Ideas!  That’s what I hope you will find here…Ideas to stimulate your imagination, inform you in an entertaining way, and move you to try some new things on for size.


  Published 10/2019