Don’t Like Fish?

fish brain food   I liked tuna sandwiches as a child…loved them with celery chunks.  As an adult…not so much…in fact I’ve tried to like tuna but don’t like the fattening mayo and the high sodium content…I went through a phase of eating lots of canned salmon…too much hassle separating the bones from the fish…having more luck with canned boneless and skinless sardines in oil.  I put them in salads with lots of french dressing.   Not too bad…

How to get my omegas without eating the fish?  I take a fish oil supplement…that takes care of that, right?  Well, there’s more to the story…

It seems that fish offers more than just omegas…there’s a reason why they call it brain food

Eating fatty fish a few times a week can ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s, enhance the condition of your brain improving concentration and cognitive function. 

So, what do you do if you don’t like fish?  You hide it inside something else so you don’t taste it as much!

recipe    Turkey Burger with Sardinessardines

*Skinless and Boneless Sardines in Olive Oil

*3/4 cup of raw turkey burger

Mix together in a bowl and form a patty…pan fry in medium heat (I use a nonstick pan:  no extra oil).  They’ll be a little from the sardines which will give it a lovely crisp flavor.  “Fry” on both sides for about 10 minutes (turkey cooks fast).

That’s it…really tastes good!  Add a salad and you have a delicious lunch or dinner!