Soda for Hydration?

 I researched several websites trying to find some good things to say about soda.  Unfortunately, I came up short.  Not being a soda drinker (since childhood days) I had to rely on the “experts” to provide input on this topic.

They all pretty much came to the same conclusion but said it in different ways.  I chose my sources for their objective approach and clarity in explaining their views.

 One source said this:  “A can of soda may seem to quench your thirst but the caffeine in most soft drinks is a diuretic (I’ve explained this before) which can cause dehydration.”  The sugar and sodium in soft drinks can also lead to dehydration.  “On top of that, when drinking soda becomes a regular habit, many people end up replacing vital water intake with soda consumption.”

My other source said this:  “The only benefit to soft drinks is a refreshing party drink or an occasional special treat, but not to be consumed on a regular basis.”

The negative effects to your health are numerous so I’ll let you read them later at your convenience.  But here’s something to consider:

 The damage to our bodies from soda occurs little by little over time..”Phosphorus, citrus, malic and tartaric acids are all added to soft drinks.”  The damage begins immediately with the slow erosion of tooth enamel, moving on to the digestive system where they really do serious damage.  Our stomach is the victim here through an irritated lining.  Other problems can be heartburn and acid reflux, just to name a few problems.

Artificial sweeteners used to replace sugar in soda pose their own unique dangers to our health.  I’ll be doing an article on these at another time. 

Bottom Line:   Except for a rare party treat it’s best to avoid these drinks…not a good choice for hydration.  It’s a sugar habit that begins in childhood as toddlers when sweets are given as rewards for good behavior or because good meaning adults want to give children a treat. 

I’ll be doing an article on “sugar” at a later date.  It’s a complicated subject that requires more attention than I can give it here.

Personal Note:  I remember my sugar days growing up…lots of soda in our frig so I drank it…and loved it…Coke and orange soda were my favorites.  It wasn’t until I graduated from college and moved away from home that I began to examine my diet seriously and start to make some changes…slowly.   I hope to offer some realistic suggestions for replacing soda with something more healthy and satisfying, and ways to make the change.

It’s not enough to know “what” to replace it with…it’s necessary to have a realistic technique for breaking the old habit and creating a new one.  I hope to offer some ideas on this very important topic soon.