Nutritional Support

Nutritional Support

*Food Labels:  Here’s where we’ll learn how to interpret those Ingredient Labels on packages…the ones written in Latin (pharma-speak)…We’ll break all that down into simple, understandable language that can help you make better choices for you and your family.

*How about suggestions for dealing with those low blood sugar moments?

*Can’t sleep? Healthy alternatives to taking a sleeping pill will be shared here.

*Feeling sluggish? Are there changes you can make in your diet that can reverse that?

*Sometimes we don’t know what we’re doing wrong…we’ve developed habits that have created problems for us and we can’t see it…this is where a “Diet Survey” might come in handy. Writing down what, when, and where we eat can help give us some objective feedback about ourselves. I will be creating a survey that you can answer privately…once you’ve identified some issues we can begin to search for some healthier options together.

*The Support Group could be a useful tool for this.

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