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Fitness:  Just Diet and Exercise?

Fitness: Just Diet and Exercise?

Affirmation  Fitness is more than a healthy diet and daily exercise routines…but these are the basics…the prerequisites to building all the rest.

mental fitnessThere’s Mental Fitness which covers developing a healthy self image, self discipline, lifetime of learning and growing, tolerance and respect for other people’s ideas…the willingness to listen without judgment, and engage in civil discourse in order to learn from others who are different from ourselves.  I’ve learned from my own experience that it takes a quiet mind and body to listen patiently while another is speaking…especially if they have different ideas from my own. This is where a healthy diet comes into play.  For example, complex carbohydrates like brown rice feed the nerves and provide a slow and steady stream of energy throughout the body. Proteins and other nutrients supply the nutrition that keeps the blood sugar on an even level…they feed the brain so we can think clearly, and react reasonably.

emotional fitness  Emotional Fitness begins with self awareness and builds to understanding yourself so that you can deal with your emotions in a way that fits into your moral values.

Animals in the wild like Elephants show extraordinary compassion and empathy for each other, especially their young. These two qualities in humans can lead to a more loving and forgiving way of life.

Self Awareness can lead to a healthy self image  …which can lead to self love…which can lead to loving others…which can lead to a more compassionate and loving society.

We’re all works in progress and these qualities I’ve described are goals to achieve in baby steps…one situation at a time…one thought or feeling at a time.

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For further reading about the Self Image read:

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