An Affirmation for You

Affirmation   I use affirmations and creative visualization every day as part of my daily work routine.  I’ll have more to say about that in another article.

Affirmations guide our subconscious mind toward beliefs we want to adopt, and dreams we want to come true.  

I’m reading “Ageless Body Timeless Mind” by Deepak Chopra.  On page 183 he shares an affirmation:

“I am perfect as I am.  Everything in my life is working toward my ultimate good.  I am loved and I am love.”

I posted on his Facebook page that this is unrealistic.  Nobody is perfect and trying to program ourselves to believe it is not helpful.  I offered an alternative:

“I love myself unconditionally and feel safe exploring ways to improve and grow.”  It’s simple and powerful…

I’ve added it to my book of affirmations and creative visualizations that I read every day at the beginning of my work routine.